1. beautiful strong woman

  3. me & my bb

  4. missin my sophaloph 

    we have the most fun together ;)


  5. pure life

    another amazing summer has come and is almost gone.
    honestly it couldn’t have been any better.
    i am so grateful and lucky to have the most unique, 
    inspiring, beautiful souls in my life. they truly make 
    the moments unforgettable. every year the times just
    keep reaching a new high. i want to thank all the
    people in my life for making it as exceptional as it is.

    if you scroll down you will see some of the wicked times
    we’ve had this summer, through my eyes.

    the suns still shining and the fall is coming with a big
    smile so keep posted for more photos of the westcoast
    freeburd life 


  7. beach bums

  8. ♥ 



  9. friendsforlife

  11. happiest biirday xoxo

  12. the BEST dam family

  13. visiting pals

  15. getting back in the saddle